July 2016: Preston Kemeny’s new paper in Global Biogeochemical Cycles was featured in EOS

July 2016: We recently returned from SEAmester, South Africa’s first class afloat. Forty students, fifteen lecturers, one state-of-the-art research vessel, and an intense science programme (ASCA). It was fantastic! See our Commentary in SAJS here.

January 2016: Our new paper about nitrogen deposition to the North Atlantic Ocean has been published online in PNAS (6 January 2016) and was picked up by 8 news outlets!

580x79820 July-14 August 2015: As part of our ongoing research in the Southern Ocean, Preston Kemeny and Ethan Campbell from Princeton University, and Sandi Smart from Stellenbosch University and UCT, along with a number of South African scientists, steamed south from Cape Town to the Antarctic winter sea-ice edge aboard the South African research vessel, the R/V SA Agulhas II (see map on left). Read the blog they kept documenting their experiences en route to the frozen continent and back, and check out a Princeton University news article about their adventures here and a Mail & Guardian news article about the cruise here.

July 2015: Our new paper about nitrification and nitrate assimilation at the BATS site (based on 18 cruises of nitrate isotope data) has now been published in Deep-Sea Research I.

April 2015: Sandi Smart’s new paper about nitrification in the wintertime Antarctic Ocean has now been published in Global Biogeochemical Cycles.

February 2015: Nicolas Van Oostende’s new paper about phytoplankton succession and new production during upwelling has now been published in the Journal of Marine Systems.

Our flow cytometry-N isotope work was featured in a Princeton University news article: “In the open ocean, eukaryotes matter”.